swimming pool replastering in plano tx

Quality Pool Replastering in Plano & North Dallas

Over the years, your pool plaster deteriorates, breaks down and becomes damaged. This damage can cause water loss and can potentially create structural issues that require pool repairs. Plastering can solve those issues and can restore your pool’s appearance to like-new condition.

Leak-Tech has years of experience with replastering pools and spas in the Plano, Richardson and North Dallas markets. We can refinish with standard white plaster or other, more durable surfaces such as plaster mixed with quartz or stone. Standard white plaster carries a one-year warranty and the other products carry a five to ten year warranty. Additionally, Leak-Tech offers free estimates on remodels and pool repairs.


Pricing is based on the type of plaster, the linear-foot measurement of your pool, as well as any extras such as a spa, tanning beds, etc. Our estimate process begins with a site visit. We perform replastering for residential and commercial pools in Plano, Richardson, North Dallas communities. Contact us today for a free estimate on remodeling and pool repairs!

The Process

Pool replastering is typically done over a two-day period. The first day will be a clean and prep day to prepare the pool surface for the new plaster. The second day will be the plastering day for your pool. The pool can be refilled almost immediately.

Once refilled, the homeowner should brush once or twice daily while running the pump and cleaner. The brushing is done to smooth out the plaster and removes any burrs that may exist. This should be done for several days after the plaster is applied in order to create the smoothest finish possible. Typically, homeowners can begin swimming within three weeks of plastering.

Crystal Stone

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