Pool leak repair by Leak-Tech in dallas tx

Swimming Pool Repair in Southlake and North DFW

Many problems can occur when you mix the outdoor environment of a swimming pool with the volatile clay soil of the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex. Leak-Tech has the people, processes, and equipment to successfully resolve those issues and provide exceptional swimming pool repairs in Southlake, Lewisville and most North DFW communities. A small percentage of pool repairs are equipment related and can be resolved by many pool professionals. The balance of the issues are usually related to one of three areas:

Structural Cracking

The clay soil in North Texas can wreak havoc on any pool shell. The extreme temperature swings from winter to summer only compound the issue. Please see our extensive pool repair information on these issues on the Crack Repairs page.

Plumbing Breaks

The constantly expanding and shrinking clay puts an amazing amount of force on a swimming pool’s plumbing system.¬† The breaks are not typically in the straight pipe, but in the couplings and elbows (where two pipes meet). Other causes of pipe issues can include roots, bad glue, poor initial plumbing quality, or even “blunt force trauma” from overzealous landscaping or fencing companies! These pool repairs are accessed by breaking through concrete/soil until the break is reached. Once we have access, we cut out the bad joint or section of pipe, then replace it with a new joint or section of pipe. After each swimming pool repair, we retest that particular run of pipe to make sure the issue is solved.

“Holes in the Bowl”

There are many other places inside the shell that can cause leaking. Any place where there is a hole through the shell can be a problematic area. This includes the skimmer connection (throat), around jet fittings, drains, and lights. These areas are typically repaired through the use of epoxy, grout, or plaster.